12th Fight 2018

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Site Opens

Unka Sven's Coffee Bar Opens
Rattan Inspections and Authorizations
Rapier Inspections


Count William - Ground Fighting Class

Soup Challenge Lunch Tavern Opens

Badass Swordsman Tourney
Rapier Dice Tourney

Longsword Class

Soup Tavern Closes
Open Training List

Count William Class - Train like you mean it! Class

All lists close for Court setup

Andelcrag Baronial Court

Site Closes

Rattan Tournaments

Badass Swordsman Tournament – Badass swordsmen don't need much protection. Prove your mettle and step out from behind that war door and take up a buckler and sword. The tournament will be conducted as a pool style tournament to determine who advances and seeding for bracket double elimination portion. The last swordsman standing is The Badass Swordsman. Is it going to be you?
Tournament winner will be awarded a cross-hilted rattan sword made by Master Rijckaert. The runner-up will receive a cross-hilted rattan dagger also made by Master Rijckaert.

Rapier Tournaments

Bear Pit style tournament. 1 point will be awarded to the winner of the bout. Loser will report to the list who they lost to. Double kills will not be refought and no point awarded. Only Warders and Masters of Defense will retain wounds. Rapier fighters will roll dice to determine which authorized style you will fight. Which dice you roll will depend on your experience and SCA award level.

Awards Add up the total of your roll and compare to this chart
2 = Single Rapier
3 = Rapier and Dagger
4 = Rapier and Rigid Parry
5 = Rapier and Soft Parry
6 = Case of Rapier
7 = Two Handed Sword
8 = Single Dagger
9 = Rapier off-hand
10 = Rapier off-hand and Dagger
11 = Dagger and Rigid Parry
12 = Dagger and Soft Parry
13 = Dual Dagger
14 = Sword and Rope (Opponent must consent to Sword or Rope, otherwise roll a 1D4 and add it to your
15 = Fencer behind you picks your style
16 = Single Rapier, you lost your other arm
17 = Single Rapier and Dagger, Opponent has poisoned blade(s)
18 = Single Rapier and Dagger, You lost your legs
19 = Case of Rapier, Broken Tips, no thrusts only cuts 20 = Your choice from options 2 to 6, you have to fight the next 2 fencers at once.

Other Activities

Soup Challenge – Our lunch tavern will be an array of soups crafted by the culinary artisans of Andelcrag. is coordinating the challenge. If you wish to participate and put forth a soup for the challenge, please contact her via email. Period recipes are NOT required. Judging will be done by the populace. Simply donate to the soup that you think is the best. The soup with the most donations wins the challenge and bragging rights. Proceeds will help us offset our cost of fighting hall rental for the year. So, vote early, vote often. In the past it's been a tough choice so bring up your tastebuds for what is sure to be an awesome tavern.

Unka Sven's Coffee Bar – Throughout the day in the fighting hall, our local crazy viking will be brewing up coffees, teas, and hot chocolate. Donations will be accepted to contribute to the fighting hall rental coffers.

Volunteer opportunities – Service is what makes the SCA the great organization that it is. To that end we could use a little help with this event in the following areas:


Contact to help out and sit an hour at troll.

Lunch Tavern
Contact if you wish to help out with the lunch tavern (either by contributing a soup or helping with the tavern).

Clean Up
We'll need help cleaning all of this up! Contact to help us give the site back in better condition than we found it.

Questions? Contact the Event Steward: .
Last updated 7 January 2018