The Canton of Rimsholt is a local group of Society for Creative Anachronism located in Grand Rapids Michigan and the surrounding areas in Kent County. The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is an international non-profit volunteer educational organization that focuses on the study and recreation of pre-seventeenth century skills and activities.

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Purpure, a fir tree couped within a laurel wreath within a bordure embattled, all argent.


1981 - The Incipient Canton of Rimsholt is created

1983 - 1st Baronial Border War (orginally organized by the Valley of Three Walls)

1986 - 1st Winter Revel at Palmer Lodge

1987 - The Incipient Canton of Rimsholt and Valley of Three Walls form into one group

1989 - The Canton of Rimsholt becomes full status

1991 - Rimsholt hosts the Pentemere Althing

1992 - 1st "What in the Samhain" held at the Lowell Fair Grounds

1993 - The Proto-Incipient Canton of Dun Traigh forms in the west region of Rimsholt along Lake Michigan shoreline

1996 - Rimsholt members, Benedict of Beverly and Emma de Winter become Baron and Baroness of Andelcrag

1998 - Reforming of the Canton of the Valley of Three Walls in Ionia County

1999 - The Incipient Canton of Blackthorn Ridge forms in the northern region of Rimsholt (Newaygo County)

2000 - Rimsholt members, Thorfinn Grimkelsson and Brighid ni Caernaigh become Baron and Baroness of Andelcrag

2003 - Start of Proto-Incipient Canton of Northgate (name eventually changed to Nordheim) started in region that would have been the Incipient Canton of Blackthorn Ridge

2005 - Rimsholt members, Garth of the Crags and Kassia Gildea become Baron and Baroness of Andelcrag

2006/07 - 1st 12th Fight

2011 - 1st All Fun and Games

2014 - Rimsholt members, Antonia Lavinia Maria di Toscano and Collette de Valois become Baronesses of Andelcrag (first pair of female territorial baronesses in the Society)

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Demo at Studio 28 Movie Theater for the release of First Knight on July, 7 AS 30 (1995)
Baronial Border War XII June AS 30 (1995)
Baronial Court at Val Day 1997
Andelcrag Althing 2007
Portland Library Demo August 2015
Old Rimsholt Website created by Mistress Estelle de la Mer


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