The Canton of Rimsholt

Greetings Unto You!

Thank you for your interest in our group! The Canton of Rimsholt is a local group of a world-wide medieval re-creation group called The Society for Creative Anachronism. We are a 501c3 Not-For-Profit Organization. Our ongoing goal is to educate people about the culture and people of medieval Europe from roughly the fall of the Roman Empire through the Renaissance. We do this not by lectures, but with living history!

We encourage people to try on the clothes, pick up the sword or bow and arrow, learn to cook over an open fire, paint with handmade paints, and just about anything else that was done in the Middle Ages. We are a family friendly organization, with something for just about any age and gender of person.

The SCA began in California in 1966 as a medieval birthday tournament of chivalry, and since then has grown into the world-wide organization that we are today. We continue the traditions of grace, courtesy, honor and chivalry at events and demonstrations throughout the year.

We would be delighted to have you join us! For more information, or if you don't live near Grand Rapids, Michigan and would like to find a group near you, please visit some of the links below:

Links of Interest


Updated January 1, 2017