Baronial Border War 34

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Baronial Border War XXXIV

Lunch Tavern

Lunch is included in your site fee and will be available at Hospitality Corner from 11am-3pm.
If you would like to contribute an additional amount towards the lunch costs, a donation jar will be available at the hospitality tent.

Armored and Rapier Combatants and Marshals may have a lunch delivered to them at the list.
Order forms will be available at each list table, or use the form available at the link below. Lunch deliveries will begin at noon.
Fighter Lunch Menu

Populace Lunch will be a selection of items from the following list.
Visitors to Hospitality Corner will be allowed to assemble their own lunch from the choices provided.
Anticipated Menu (Subject to chage)
Proteins - sliced ham, salami, or turkey, sliced smoked corn beef, black bean patty (GF/V), hard-boiled eggs
Salads - quinoa and beans (GF/V), black lentil and garbanzo (GF/V), coleslaw (GF), tabbouleh (V), edamame corn salad (GF/V), multi-bean salad (GF/V), pasta salad (vinegar based)
Carbs - pretzels, chex mix (GF), crackers, rolls, brownies, cookies
Other - cheese, olives, pistachios, raw veggies, assorted fruit (banana, watermelon, apple, mandarin orange), hummus
Drinks - water, lemonade

Questions about dietary restrictions can be directed to .

Questions? Contact the .
Last updated May 7 2018