The Canton of Rimsholt


Seitz Kirbrich

President of the chapter. They are the legal representative of the group.
Eva vanOldebroek

Treasurer of the chapter.
Melike bint Nikola

Responsible for web development
Arts & Sciences
Alaina Blackram

Arts and Sciences is the realm of the various non-martial activities.
Knight's Marshal
Rijckaert (Richard) vanUtrecht

Safety Officer in charge of Armored Combat
Rapier Marshal
Beryl Alethea

Safety Officer in charge of Rapier Combat and Fencing
Archery and Thrown Weapons
Jean Yves de Chierebourg

Safety Officer in charge of Archery, Axes and Spears
Minister of Youth
Morgan Wynn De Byrd

Coordinator of activities involving people under 18
Sean Thorvaldson

Medieval Names, Heraldic Display, and Vocal Announcements
Estelle de la Mer

The Office that holds all the equipment that is not the responsibility of another officer
Open Offices
Chatelaine - Newcomer's Liason
Chronicler - Secretary and Newsletters

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Updated January 9, 2019